Best Binocular Harness of 2018 & Buying Guide

To comfortably attach your binoculars to your body, you would use a binocular suspension or a ‘binocular harness’ as it is popularly called. A binocular harness can help free both your hands when you are not using your binoculars while putting it in a quick-reach position in case of an urgent need.

Regular binocular straps cannot prevent your equipment from swinging about your body. With a harness, you can hardly drop your binoculars. The harness comes in handy and is very useful to people who carry their binoculars along with other equipment when going to the fields like photographers, hunters and birders.

The harness is an inexpensive item, which goes a long way to determining whether you will spend your day in the field being fruitful or fumbling with your equipment. If you have to carry more than one piece of equipment with you, it is advisable to consider the ‘dual harness.’

It is paramount to know the kind of harness that fits into your need before you part ways with that bucks.

Buyers’ Guide:

Some questions come to mind when you realize the need for a binocular harness. We have come up with answers that will help you made the best choices and ultimately assist you in your quest for the best binocular harness.

What Kind/Type of Harness do I Need?

There are many types and kinds of binocular harnesses in the market as it is fast becoming popular among folks who go hunting or bird watching and among ‘nature photographers.’

Some needs, however, require a large objective lens and some need a smaller one. A bigger binocular needs a stronger and tighter harness than a smaller one. 



It is important then to know the need, the size of binoculars that will satisfy that need and therefore the kind of harness to be sought for the binoculars.In the case of birding, the ‘dual harness’ comes in handy.

It allows you to carry more than one piece of equipment. You could carry your camera or even another binocular. The dual harness gives the functions of two binocular harnessed put together.

There is a type known as the low profile binocular harness, which has comfortable straps and more safety features that protect your binoculars. It is less expensive than the full size and dual binocular harnesses. You will also find the basic kind of harnesses that can be attached to your binoculars using clips and ties.

The basic kind of harness is less durable than the other types. The most widely used type of binocular harness is the ‘full size.’ It includes small pouches for ensuring the safety of your binoculars and can be used for virtually any outdoor activity.

What are the Benefits of the Harness?



What is binocular disparity?

If you are looking to reduce neck strain as a result of carrying binoculars for a long time, then you need the harness. The binocular harness is the solution to the neck pains that accompany using the traditional neck straps of binoculars.

With wider, padded or slightly elastic neck straps, the pains are reduced but eliminated by the harness.The binocular harness holds the binoculars snugly against your body, and this can reduce fatigue on the muscles. 

If you are in the company of people, you will surely appreciate that your binoculars are stuck to your body without swaying ceaselessly! Binocular Harnesses are also adjustable and can be adjusted even if you are wearing a jacket or a swimmer shirt. The harness must be built for maximum convenience.

What are the available designs?

It is natural to want to know the designs that are available for any commodity one wants to buy. The need you have will determine the design you need. Binocular Harnesses are however of a basic design, the same basic design.

A widespread design is that which holds the straps in place with a very thick piece of leather. This design is popular for its simplicity, and it comes in handy during hot or humid weather. 



It is comfortable for most people but can be uncomfortable for some due to the area where the leather in the middle of the back holds the straps.A different design includes fabric with holes and net under the fabric to make it comfortable in humidity.

It is also a “counter design to the uncomfortable design of having a snug piece of leather in the middle of the back,” according to some folks.

At what price range can I get a quality binocular harness?

Trealife Binocular Harness with Heavy Duty Strap and Glass Cleaning Cloth

Trealife Binocular Harness with Heavy Duty Strap and Glass Cleaning Cloth

Binocular Harnesses are a big deal that comes with a small price. For its liability and utility, the price attached are very pocket-friendly as you do not need to sweat your bank account to acquire one.

No matter the type or design you want, you can get one for as low as $6. Some are relatively costly as some dual harnesses sell for about $60. Some products, depending on their advancements also cost around $90. 

The cheapest type of harnesses is the ‘basic’ type though it is less durable than the other types. The most expensive are the ‘dual harness.’ However, considering the durability of these harnesses and their utility, it is worth every dollar paid for it.

This means that a budget of anything between $6 and $100 can help you acquire a good binocular harness, so you do not have to go bankrupt upon purchase of one.

Best Binocular Harness Reviews


This is an expertly designed binocular harness. It has great looks, and it is made from super quality materials. This binocular harness is made in such a way that it can support heavy weight.

Therefore, its tensile strength is unquestionable. The back panel is wide enough, and it is well perforated. It also has elastic straps which help in the adjustment of the harness.

What is Binocular Vision?

With this binocular harness, you may choose to walk or bend over while in the bush. This harness does the job for which it is made. It is also possible to wear it with a pack.


  • The shipping weight of this product is 4.2 ounces
  • It has a product dimension of 9 x 1.3 x 7.6 inches
  • Its back is wide enough. It is also perforated so that it can support heavy binoculars
  • It is made from very good materials
  • This harness is multipurpose and can be used with cameras, binoculars and rangefinders
  • It has a handsome look
  • It sheds the weight of the device on shoulders
  • This harness is designed to position your optical instrument comfortably below your chin for ease of viewing
  • It is lightweight
  • The elastic materials are strong
  • Its compact design makes it convenient to use

This binocular harness is produced by Bushnell. So, you should expect nothing less than a strong, durable and long-lasting material. Also, the price point of this product is reasonable.


This is a versatile harness as it can be used for any kind or brand of binocular. The durability of this harness cannot be questioned as it is made from the best-quality materials.

Also, this harness can be adjusted for the user’s comfort, and it is not heavy on the shoulders. This harness does the job of holding that binocular very well so that you can focus on your hunting task without any distraction whatsoever. Hikers and birdwatchers are also in awe of its very impressive features and qualities.


  • It has a product dimension of 7 x 7 x 2 inches
  • The shipping weight of this product is 1.6 ounces
  • It has very good elastic properties
  • It is wide which makes it very easy to put on
  • Included in the package is a glass cleaning cloth
  • This harness can efficiently support heavy binoculars. You do not have to worry about the weight of your binocular or camera
  • It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry

This harness is a must have for people who walk by the beach, hunters, birdwatchers, and folks who want to catch a good glimpse of nature. It takes the burden of carrying your binoculars off your shoulders.


This is a great item. It does the job for which it is made and does it very well. It takes the burden of having extra weight on your neck due to a heavy binocular. It is lightweight and compact, and the fact that it is made from good materials makes it durable and long-lasting.

This harness also features an elastic strap that helps to spread the weight evenly across the shoulders. This binocular harness is perfect for your hunting, hiking and bird watching demands. It is also readily available.


  • Impressive tensile strength
  • It is very durable
  • It is made from very good materials
  • It has an item weight of 0.4 pounds or 6.4 ounces. This makes it lightweight and easy to carry
  • It is compact and very easy to store
  • It has a product dimension of 1.5 x 4.5 x 9.5 inches
  • The item shipping weight of this binocular harness is 0.35 pounds or 5.6 ounces
  • It is very easy to adjust
  • It is sturdy and solidly built
  • The elastic properties of the shoulder straps are second to none
  • The back piece is self-centering
  • This binocular harness is versatile. It can be used for any type or brand of binocular
  • It is readily available
What is binocular disparity?

This is a very strong and durable item. It supports the weight of your binocular very well. Interestingly, it is very cheap and readily available.


This Leupold-produced binocular harness is a solid product. It is made from very good materials, and it is very durable. Also, this binocular harness fits very well around the necks and shoulders.

Every hunter wants his binocular very close to his body so that he can pick it up for use at any time without stress.This harness is designed to make your binocular close to you.

This harness also features an X-shaped strap which is very easy to adjust. All in all, this binocular harness effectively takes the burden of your binocular off your neck and spread it across your shoulders.


  • The shipping weight of this product is 4.8 ounces
  • It has a product dimension of 5.1 x 1.2 x 8 inches
  • It is very easy to adjust
  • It fits very well across the shoulders
  • It is sturdy
  • It is durable
  • It is lightweight, and at the same time, it is heavy-duty. It can firmly hold a heavy binocular
  • It is made from impeccable materials which make it durable

Leupold has been in the optics industry for years now and has made a good name for their selves. This quick release binocular harness is a remarkable product from the company which has caught a lot of users’ interests with many buyers praising its prowess. The best part of the owning this harness is its very cost efficient and durable. The nylon strap is also well made and can be used on just about any binocular as long as it has an anchor point.

Final Thoughts

The use of binocular harnesses cannot be over-emphasized, especially if you are a birder, photographer, hunter or just someone who loves indulging in outdoor activities. It is important to grab the picture at the moment and have fun. It will do no good to keep fumbling all day with your binoculars.

Sometimes it gets too late before you can reach to your back and grab your binoculars. Another plus is the elimination of discomfort that traditional binoculars neck straps cause. It is important to have these harnesses and to have the ones that you feel most convenient for you. Moreover, one great thing is ‘You don’t have to break the bank before you can own these gears.